Quality management in plant manufacturing

Highly complex products with high quality standards are developed constructing plants in the energy sector. Constructor and customers work hand in hand during the development process, particularly in the area of approvals and quality controls. It is at this point where one core function of COMAP lies. The application allows you to perform both constructor and customersided approvals. All results are incorporated into a common data base and support a number of different processes. Examples are:


  • Inspection of the current state of approvals, defects and bug fixings by the customer
  • Release of bug fixes through the quality assurance of the constructor
  • Recognition of bug-fixings by the customer
  • Documentation of all activities like meetings, phone calls or E-Mails to an open point respectively defect.


As a result of this constructors and customers always have a common and consistent view of the current state. This increases the efficiency of cooperation and reduces the costs on both sides.



Asset Management

With COMAP we provide a complete Asset Lifecycle Management System. This allows you to use data from the approval process in your asset management including the complete technical configuration of the asset as well as the history of defect rectifies during the development phase.


If a component unexpectedly fails during the operation, you can put the data from COMAP in relation. On the one hand you can protocol the defects in COMAP and initiate a repair actions. On the other hand you have access to the information, whether the defect in the component already existed in the construction phase. If the defect was merely eliminated in the form of rework rather than replacing the component, you can draw the appropriate conclusions.