ADEX Exceliser

With the ADEX Exceliser you can exchange data directly between a SIMATIC S7 PLC and Microsoft Excel worksheets.

The specific feature here is: You only need an Ethernet-capable PLC, a PC with Microsoft Excel and ADEX Exceliser. The data exchange can take place in both directions.




  • Direct data exchange between SIMATIC S7 PLC and Microsoft Excel
  • Production and process data capturing
  • Live display of process data
  • Cost-effective stand-alone application

Functions and area of application

The ADEX Exceliser enables the direct data exchange between SIMATIC S7 PLC and Microsft Excel. The communication takes place via Ethernet, without any further software. The transfer can be initiated by a trigger in the PLC or over the ADEX Exceliser surface.

The ADEX Exceliser allows the data transfer between the PLC and Excel in both directions, so that recipes can be loaded into the PLC and transferred back from the PLC to the PC.

For storing data requiring documentation an automated deposition according date, time and possibly serial number is required. The ADEX Exceliser enables an automated transmission controlled by triggers in the PLC, in which the file name can be chosen freely. By placeholders for the date, time and any other field of the data block (e.g. serial number) a reliable and structured storage on file basis can be ensured.

Production and process data must often be collected in short time intervals, grouped by date and stored. In addition to that ADEX Exceliser offers the possibility to continuously attach data and to save them as CSVs or Excel files. By using the Ethernet communication data can be transmitted performantly in short intervals. The files can for example be created for each day and be stored with the current date in their name.

Outstanding features

Data transfer can be watched in real-time if an Excel file was chosen to receive data. If the target fields for example are linked as diagrams, it will change in real-time, allowing the process data to be seen in live display (e.g. temperature curves).

ADEX Exceliser is a stand-alone application, which stands out due to an extensive range of functionalities at still low licensing costs compered to its competitors.

ADEX Excelsior is set up with a few clicks in a comfortable way. The installation is setup-supported. The structure of the data blocks, which have to be transferred, can be copied directly from the SIMATIC Step 7 Manager, so that only the necessary parameters like data base number and the IP address of the SPS need to be configured.


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