ADEX - Industry 4.0

ADEX (Automation Data Exchange) is a modular software system that can be used in many industrial branches to connect all people and systems involved in the production. ADEX can collect and process complex data of complex industrial automation environments.

The modules of ADEX can be individually assembled and upgraded according to the current requirements. As a consequence ADEX can be used in small manufacturing companies as well as in large industrial companies as a MES (Manufacturing Execution System).


  • Production planning with wall chart
  • Machine and production data acquisition
  • Visualization of production data
  • Product traceability and quality control
  • Maintenance and defect management
  • Alarm handling via SMS and e-mail
  • Platform independent, web-based interface
  • Good scalability
  • Access via mobile devices

Functions and area of application

As a MES system ADEX enables the configuration of products and detailed production planning via planning board, as well as workforce management for shift scheduling and detailed planning of employees. Furthermore ADEX includes a resource management for the administration of facilities, machines and other resources. For those, the planning of maintenance and preventive maintenance can be done via the maintenance planning.

ADEX enables the collection of machinery-, operating-, processing- and production- data. The data can be saved, exported or transferred into downstream systems. Moreover the data can be used for visualization, alarming and for generating reports.

Using the ADEX Data Visualization ensures the visualization of gathered production- and processing data as well as product analysis. With the ADEX Web Visualizer gathered data can be retrieved via intra- or internet and graphically displayed.

In ADEX all data will be available at any time for product backtracking via extensive filter and search functions. Furthermore ADEX provides a visualization of the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and several other operating numbers, as well as planning and conducting quality control measures. The ADEX Report Center processes this data and provides standardized and location independent reports.

ADEX allows the clear planning and execution of maintenance and an efficient defect management. Due to the reduced downtime, costs can be saved and processes can be optimized.

Alarm notifications are logged and can be send to mobile phones and computers via the ADEX Messenger. There are several channels available for those notifications, such as SMS, E-mail and onscreen messages. As a consequence responsible persons will actively and immediately be notified. In addition there are functions for the acknowledgement and realerting available.

Outstanding features

All ADEX modules are managed and configured via the Control Center. The web-based application enables the access to all functionalities of various devices. These may be conventional PC, thin clients, tablet computers, smart displays or mobile devices.

Data is stored on a central Microsoft SQL database server. ADEX also supports mirrored databases, this guarantees a high data security and data consistency.

Date from the automation components are transmitted cyclically or event-driven in the central database by ADEX Data Service, The Data Service can therefore be distributed across multiple servers. This creates a flexible scalability, high performance and reliability.

ADEX allows not only the direct connection of different automation devices but also from OPC servers or different data sources, such as web services. As a consequence heterogeneous environments can be modelled and their data can be associated with each other.


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