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Efficiency via pan-European cross-linking

RAILcloud is a powerful online information-platform for all companies in the rail business. Every company providing a service can present its complete service portfolio in the RAILcloud. Examples are:

  • Maintenance workshops
  • Leasing companies for freight waggons or locomotives
  • Suppliers of components
  • RU/TOC

Every company can state which sites it owns, what services it provides where and what verifications/certificates or approvals it can show. Furthermore mobile maintenance teams can be embedded and their live geolocation data can be passed on.

Via the RAILcloud users can look for all services they need. RAILcloud offers many search and filter options to easily find the needed services quickly and accurately. All results are displayed on an interactive map. With this map also mobile maintenance teams can be localized. It is possible to search for different service offers and combine them with each other in any manner, for instance:

Who can undertake tank cleaning for methanol and VPI-EMG inspection level G4.0?

Constantly recurring questions related to day-to-day operating business can be answered with the help of the RAILcloud with one mouse-click, for example:

  • Which workshop is nearby?
  • Who can lease a vehicle at short time?

RAILcloud will be extended continually and enlarged to a pan-European service catalogue for the rail business. Users of RAILcloud are amongst others DB Cargo AG as well as the members of Cargo Rail Service Center e.V.

After your registration you will receive your login data that enables you to edit your company profile on your own as well as set up additional locations.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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