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Privacy Policy

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and that you are interested in our company. Protecting your data is extremely important to us. By providing you with the following data protection details, we would like to inform you about the purposes and the scope of the collection and processing of your personal data that we carry out when you use our website and how we protect your privacy when you provide us with your data.


Sternico GmbH, Dreimännerstraße 5, 38176 Wendeburg is the operator of this website and, as the controller within the meaning of Article 4 (7) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is responsible for compliance with the valid data protection provisions.

The personal data of our users is stored and processed by us in compliance with the relevant provisions, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Teleservices Act (TMG) in their respective current versions. All personal data is only collected for defined, clear and lawful purposes and is not stored for longer than is necessary.

Personal data

Personal data is defined as individual details regarding personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person (e.g. name, date of birth and contact data).


In principle, you can use our website without providing your personal data. However, it may be necessary for you to transmit your data to us in order to use certain applications on our website. Therefore, your use of our website may be restricted if you do not provide your data.

When you visit our website, our web servers temporarily store each access instance in a log file. The following data may be recorded in connection with this and stored until automated erasure: for example, IP address, date and time of access, data quantities transmitted, reports about the success of the website access, identification data for the browser and operating system being used, the website from which access takes place and the IP address of your internet service provider. The processing of this data takes place for the purpose of facilitating use of the website, technical administration of the network infrastructure, ensuring system security and optimising the website. This is deemed a legitimate interest according to Article 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. f GDPR and the required data processing to achieve the described purposes is therefore legitimised from a data protection law perspective.

Other data collection

We collect, store and process your personal data (e.g. first name, surname, address, email address, telephone number) insofar as a business relationship exists or is to be established, both for the design of the content of the business relationship and for any changes to it. We also use your personal data insofar as you have provided us with it for registration on our website and have provided consent to the processing of your personal data. Further, we collect, store and process your personal data if you contact us by sending us an email insofar as this is necessary for processing your enquiries and correspondence. The personal data collected by us is erased promptly once it is no longer required for this purpose unless statutory retention periods apply.

Passing on the data

We use your personal data within Sternico GmbH. Our external service providers which carry out data processing on our behalf are contractually obliged within the meaning of Article 28 GDPR to handle the personal data in accordance with the valid provisions. Insofar as these companies come into contact with your personal data, we have ensured that they comply with the provisions of data protection laws by means of legal, technical and organisational measures, as well as regular monitoring.

If you find links belonging to other controllers on our website (e.g. Google Maps) and click on the link, you are using the website directly via the respective controllers, meaning that our Privacy Policy does not apply for this website.

In principle, we do not transmit your personal data to a third country or an international organisation outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Should such transmission take place in individual cases, this only takes place to third countries for which suitability arrangements of the European Commission are provided or the appropriate level of data protection has been ensured by means of suitable or appropriate guarantees (e.g. binding corporate rules or EU standard contractual clauses).

We reserve the right to transmit your personal data to organisations entitled to receive the information in the event we are legally obliged to do so or required to do so by a court order.

No transmission of your personal data to other third parties takes place in principle.

Whistleblower system:

You have the option of accessing a reporting channel on our website and using it to submit a report to our internal reporting office in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG). We have entrusted a service provider with the technical provision of the reporting channel and with the operation of the reporting office. If you use the reporting channel, you use a ticket system from LINET Services GmbH. They are responsible for receiving the report with regard to data protection laws, meaning that our data privacy terms do not apply to the reporting channel. Information on data privacy with regard to the reporting channel can be found in LINET Services GmbH's privacy policy.

We may receive reports from our internal reporting office in the course of fulfillment of its duties. In cases where we come into contact with personal data, we have taken legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of data protection laws.


Various information is stored in cookies on our websites, which serve to make the application user-friendly and the design of the website more effective overall. Furthermore, the data stored in a cookie makes repeatedly filling out forms unnecessary. The cookies we use have a time limit and are deleted regularly.

You can manage the acceptance of cookies from our websites independently in your browser and block them where appropriate. You can also delete cookies which have already been set at any time. Further, you can find out about the option of deactivating cookies in your selected browser’s settings. If you do not accept any cookies, this may lead to restrictions when it comes to using our websites. We refer to the fact that, after erasing your cookies, you may need to activate opt-out cookies which have been set again.

We recommend that you regularly delete cookies and your browser history manually.

We distinguish between cookies which are necessary for technical purposes and statistical and marketing cookies. Cookies which enable page usage are necessary for technical purposes. Cookies which are not necessary for technical purposes are all cookies which are used for marketing and statistical purposes. Sternico GmbH does not use any cookies for marketing or statistical purposes but only uses cookies which are necessary for the error-free operation of the website.

Social Media

According to the CJEU judgment of 05.06.2018 (CJEU - judgment of 05.06.2018 in the case C-210/16), both we as the operator of the social media presence and the respective social network itself are responsible for the data processing within the scope of our social media presence.

The personal data of our users and visitors to our social media sites are stored and processed by us in compliance with the relevant regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG) in the respective current versions.

Sternico GmbH currently operates the following social media presences:

  • Facebook (Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland)
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, SUSA)
  • XING (New Work SE, Dammtorstraße 30, 20354 Hamburg, Deutschland)

On our social media sites, you have various opportunities to provide your personal data yourself (e.g. by commenting, sharing, rating).  This data is published by the provider of the social media platform. Sternico GmbH reserves the right to delete content if this should be necessary and technically possible. If the social media platform has a sharing function, we may share your content on our corresponding site. In addition, we may communicate with you via the corresponding social media platform in order to respond to your inquiries. In our company, the data is not used or processed for any other purpose.

The legal basis for the above-mentioned data processing is usually Art. 6 (1) p. 1 lit. f GDPR and thus lies in our legitimate interest of public relations and communication. You therefore have the right to object to this data processing. To do so, please contact us by e-mail at datenschutz@sternico.com. Alternatively, please inform us of your wish by mail or fax. After receipt of the objection, we will check internally whether we have any influence on the corresponding data processing.

If we are able to do so, your personal data will be deleted from the respective social media sites. If you submit a request to us via one of our social media presences, it may be the case that we refer to another, secure communication channel, depending on the required response, in order to be able to guarantee the confidentiality of your data. In addition, you have in any case the possibility to send us confidential inquiries via the address or e-mail address (socialme-dia@sterncio.com) mentioned in the imprint.

The operators of social media platforms provide us with statistics by default, which we can only switch off to a limited extent. As a rule, these are aggregated and anonymized statistics on the usage behavior on our websites.

Data processing by the providers of the social media platform:

Data processing on the part of the providers of the social media platforms is regularly carried out even if you do not have an account with the respective providers. The data collection can take place (especially when using the Facebook fan page) via the setting of cookies, which are stored on the end device of the user and transmit data accordingly to the providers of the social media platform. Cookies are text files that mark the respective end devices of the user with a specific identifier to identify the user. We, as operators of the respective websites, have no influence on this data collection by the providers. However, we explicitly point out that we regularly have extremely limited possibilities to influence the data processing.

In addition, we would like to point out that the providers of the social media platforms generally use advertising tracking measures in order to use the data generated from this, for example, for the analysis of habits, personal relationships, preferences, etc.. Accordingly, a user-defined design of the platforms can be carried out on the part of the providers.

Further information on data processing by the providers of the corresponding social media platforms can be found in the privacy policies or statements of the social media platforms. These are available under the following links:

Data security

In order to protect the data you transmit against unauthorised access and misuse by third parties, we have taken extensive technical and organisational operational security measures. These measures meet the high legal requirements of the national provisions and are continuously adapted to the state of the art of technology.

Rights of the data subject

As the data subject you have the following rights with regard to us pursuant to Articles 15 to 22 GDPR:

  • Right to information,
  • Right to rectification or erasure,
  • Right to restriction of processing,
  • Right to object to data processing,
  • Right to data portability.

Insofar as you have provided us with your consent to use personal data, you may withdraw this consent at any time. For this purpose, please send an email to datenschutz@sternico.com. Alternatively, please send us your request by post to the address provided above.

Furthermore, you have the option of lodging a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority regarding our data processing of the personal data. The data protection supervisory authority responsible for us is “The State Data Protection Officer in Lower Saxony, Prinzenstraße 5, 30159 Hannover”.

Inclusion, up-to-dateness and changes to the Privacy Policy

By using our websites, you confirm that you agree to the data usage described above. The Privacy Policy is dated 15.09.2020 and is currently valid. Due to the ongoing further development of our websites or the implementation of new technologies, it may be necessary to adapt this Privacy Policy to reflect the current version. Sternico GmbH therefore reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time with future effect. Therefore, you should regularly access this website to inform yourself about the current version of our Privacy Policy.

Contact data for the Sternico GmbH data protection officer:

You can contact our data protection officer by email at any time:



Version: September 2020