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Modular fleet and personnel management system

DISPOLINO is a comprehensive planning and scheduling tool for fleet and personnel management in rail-based freight traffic. The system is specially tailored to the requirements of railway operators, both on the open line and within industrial sites, such as railways in the coal and steel industry, as well as in the chemical industry and mining.

DISPOLINO boosts the reliability and efficiency of transport services. The modular solution permits customer-specific configuration. It optimizes the deployment of personnel, locomotives and cars and also the use of routes and the customer’s own infrastructure. The system indicates whether all resources are available on time for whatever transport tasks are involved. Conflict detection and visualization enable forward-looking dispatching and minimize any impact of disruptions on operations. The evaluation of the services performed and documented based on statistics and key performance indicators is an integral part of the software. Operating personnel can be integrated into the process via mobile terminals in an active capacity or solely for information purposes.

Based on these advanced features DISPOLINO is a specialist for dispatching solutions for rail freight transport.

For companies that are workshops as well Sternico offers the software „COMAP“, a CMMS in order to assign and keep records concerning maintenance procedures. Via an interface it is possible to integrate COMAP into DISPOLINO. A detailed description of the Base Module and each component can be found in our COMAP-brochure.


  • Demand-based execution of train movements
  • Optimum interaction