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Structured approval process

As a manufacturer of rolling stock or rail infrastructure you produce a complex product with high quality standards. COMAP supports you to satisfy this quality claim. With the software you can set up a structured approval process and document your quality control throughout the production process. With the help of the integrated reporting and detailed defect analysis you can discover vulnerabilities and initiate an improvement process.

Configuration Management

With COMAP you can realize a complete configuration management. There are no limitations regarding the technical structure of your product. At the end of your production process you will have detailed picture of the technical delivery status of your product. This also includes the tracking of serialized parts, components and batches.

Delivery of digital data models

COMAP offers the possibility to not only deliver a freight or tank wagon to your customer but also the complete digital data model according to VPI 08. This will save your customer considerable costs, since he can take over all the technical data of the new wagon digitally and directly into his asset management system. You can thus provide a significant added value and a more attractive product. For you as a manufacturer the effort for this will be minimal as you already have all this data digitally in your system because of the approval process in COMAP.