The Sternico Software Assurance

With the Sternico Software Assurance (SSA), we guarantee you as a customer a constantly updated product. For our products COMAP and ADEX you will receive regular updates and benefit from our long-term and strategic product development. As a consequence your software solution always copes with the current technological environment as well as the changes of your market environments. The extended support guarantees that even complex questions will be answered promptly. We support you in this case not only for pure user questions but will also respond procedural questions with our consultants.

Individual requests relating to the functionality will be implemented by us for you. For this purpose, you have a variable contingent of adjustments. In this way our continuous development is given a practical reference.

With the Sternico Software Assurance we also ensure that you will be up to date regarding VPI 08. You can rely on it to always work according the current standard.






  • Continuous updates
  • Telephone Support
  • Remote maintenance
  • Contingent for adjustements
  • VPI 08 updates