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Asset Lifecycle Management

With the software COMAP you can realize an effective asset lifecycle management for rolling stock and railway infrastructure. Apart from the classical subjects like maintenance planning and surveillance and defect and error management, CoMaP MDC provides you with the possibility to integrate clients and suppliers digitally into your processes. Keeper and leasing companies of freight wagons, locomotives or passenger trains can set up continuous digital processes and thereby reduce administrative cost in a significant way.

  • fulfill the ECM requirements
  • always have a detailed picture of the technical conditions of your wagons or infrastructure
  • manage and optimize your maintenance program
  • monitor and analyze the downtime, defects and errors
  • commission electronically and automated maintenance workshops
  • transmit all maintenance-relevant documents electronically over corporate boundaries

The full range of functions can be found on our product page regarding COMAP. If you have any questions regarding COMAP please contact our sales department.


By integrating both products DISPOLINO and COMAP we are able to model continuous processes in disposition and maintenance. Examples include:

  • Automatic notification of the necessary technical maintenance dates from the asset management to the disposition
  • Transmission of the optimal supply date on a dispositive view to the maintenance workshop
  • Direct transfer of defect notifications from the operation to workshop management