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Digital Maintenance

With the workshop management system COMAP you can model processes of your maintenance workshop in completely digital way. The software forms the basis of a paperless maintenance workshop. All information will be provided to the workers during the maintenance process in digital and mobile way and can be directly edited and recorded. For example:

  • Display of the works to be performed
  • Display of known defects
  • Mobile defect recording and editing of the order
  • Entering the technical specifications
  • Confirming the works
  • Reservation and confirmation of used materials

Due to the digitization and networking of your workshop every information needs to be recorded only once, and this is done out in the field in a mobile way. As a consequence the efficiency of the workshop and the quality will increase.

Integration of machines and measuring devices

By combining our software products COMAP and ADEX we integrate all machines and measuring devices of your workshop in the digital process. For example:

  • Lathes to re-profile wheelsets
  • Presses for the joining of shaft and wheel
  • Monitoring stands for wheelsets or bogies
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Residual stress tests
  • Washing plants

All data that is required by the machines during the manufacturing processes as well as all data for the test and measurement processes will be automatically transferred into the workshop management system COMAP.

Document creation and control

All documents and protocols which are required by your customers as part of the maintenance, can be created by pressing a button in COMAP. To accomplish this you can store individual templates for each customer. After terminating all tasks all needed, documents can be automatically and customer-specifically generated via the maintenance order. Due to this process you can achieve a high process security and guarantee that each customer will receive the necessary data in the desired form.