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COMAP acceptance and defect management

COMAP is a software which is used during acceptance and quality controls in project-based industrial production processes.

COMAP guarantees a structured process of defect recording, troubleshooting to analysis and a standardized reporting within the acceptance and quality control. As a consequence detected defects can be promptly resolved in the process and fully documented. As a result of this the following goals can be achieved:

  • A reduction of production costs
  • Higher quality at delivery
  • Internal and external adherence to schedules
  • Transparency towards the customer

The integration of the customer has an important role in this process. With COMAP the goal to model the internal and customer’s acceptance and tests in a consistent process is reached. In addition COMAP guarantees a common and always updated database for both sides. Thus, the customer is involved in the entire process.


  • Implementation and documentation of acceptances
  • Customer involvement in the acceptance process
  • Planning, execution and documentation of defect removals
  • An overview of open issues, deadlines and responsibilities, including the customer
  • Analysis and reports
  • Internal and customer faced reporting
  • Mobile data recording via smartphones/ tablet computers for the worker “on site”


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