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The currently valid schema file for the digital data exchange in accordance to VPI 08 can be accessed under the following link:

The tool below can be used to check whether a file is valid according to the latest XSD-Schema:

In the event, that a new schema is approved and published by the VPI, which will shortly become effective, will be found under the following link.

  • At this moment the VPI has not released a new schema

The changes of the technical data of version 1.01 to version 3.01 can be found here.

Past and therefore no longer valid schema files can be found under following list:

As part of VPI 08, selection lists and part catalogues are provided, which are referred to within the scheme. The VPI 08 selection lists and part catalogues can be found here.

The web access is exemplified with the following code example:
Code example for Web access (queries for selection lists)