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In over 15 years we created a diverse added value for our customer with our software projects. Many of these experiences have been incorporated into our developments and products.

Here are some examples of our custom developments as well as success stories of our products:

ALSTOM Transport Deutschland GmbH

Development of an IT system for the documentation and controlling of acceptances

For the location of the Salzgitter Alstom Transport Germany GmbH, an IT system for the execution of acceptances has been developed. The Salzgitter plant is the Alstom Group’s international competence center for regional trains and regional rail vehicles as well as the maintenance of freight wagons.

When processing a project, acceptances respectively quality controls are key component. Within the production their aim is to ensure defects are detected early and ectified promptly during the process. The objectives that could be achieved with this application are:

  • Structured execution of acceptances respectively approvals of defects
  • Documentation and classification of defects
  • Reliable removal of defects in the manufacturing
  • Permanent monitoring of progress and Troubleshooting
  • Process improvement through analysis and therefrom resulted measures

Defects can be recorded on the spot and activities can protocolled due to an integration of a mobile application.

Siemens Energy

Product introduction COMAP: Defect management in the manufacturing of offshore wind turbines

Sternico’s software product COMAP was introduced at Siemens AG. The Energy Sector of Siemens AG was commissioned by the network operator TenneT with the grid connection of the offshore wind farms “BorWin1” and “helWin2”. This includes not only the construction of transformer substations and the installation of high voltage cables but also the manufacturing and installation of substations on high seas.

In addition to the technical implementation, process-dependent configurations and enhancements to the software, several internal employees, employees of the network operator and external employees of the shipyards in Wismar and Rostock were trained in the system. In order to permanently ensure optimal support, a service hotline has been installed additionally.

ALSTOM, Villmann Gruppe, Josef-Meyer-Rail AG, Kaminski Waggonbau

Development of maintenance management system for freight wagons

In cooperation with four maintenance workshops an IT system for the technical documentation of the maintenance of freight wagons, including the traceability of all components has been developed.
In particular the obligations arising from the ECM certifications were the focus.

The main goals were:

  • Ensuring the complete technical documentation of the wagons by the ECM/ keeper
  • Efficient and smooth registration of all maintenance data in the maintenance workshops
  • Secure digital data transfer between workshops and ECM/ keeper according to VPI 08
  • Complete traceability: By whom was which information generated and validated, and when was that done?

In close coordination with the partner workshops, the software is consistently being expanded. The results and experiences flow directly into the product development of COMAP.

Cargo Rail Service Center e.V.

Development of an IT service portal for railway companies, workshops and keepers

For a pan-European association with member from railway companies, workshops and wagon keepers of rail freight, a web application in the cloud was realized. On this platform, companies can manage their locations with the offered services and certifications.

The aim is to produce a catalogue of services and a central register for the European freight industry, so that all members have the opportunity to be listed in accordance with their performances.

Arvato Digital Service GmbH (Bertelsmann AG)

Development of an IT collaboration platform for a TV production

For television productions, it is necessary that all parties have the opportunity to work quickly and efficiently in order to make decisions regarding the television production by means of time-saving communication. For this purpose, a global access to all media files like video clips, audio files and scripts of a TV production is realized.

For Arvato Digital Services GmbH (Bertelsmann AG) Sternico has developed a cloud application for the media data, which everyone involved with the television production can have internet-based access to.

Die Benutzer können Daten hochladen und somit dem gesamten Produktionsteam zur Verfügung stellen, nach Inhalten suchen, Medieninhalte betrachten und diese mit Kommentaren und Metadaten versehen.

Die Applikation mit dem Namen „Screener One“ wird von der Arvato Digital Services GmbH vermarktet und unter anderem bei der Grundy UFA TV Produktions GmbH für die Produktion „Verbotene Liebe“ eingesetzt.

ALSTOM Transport Deutschland GmbH

Processing of production data in the wheelset reprocessing

For the location Salzgitter of the Alstom Transport Germany GmbH an extension for COMAP was introduced. The Salzgitter plant is the Alstom Group’s international competence center for regional trains and regional rail vehicles as well as the maintenance of freight wagons.

With this extension COMAP can record machine-, industrial-, process- and production-data, prepares them and stores them in the database for documentation purposes.

Among others, the following machines were involved:

  • Wheelset lathe
  • Magnetic particle testing equipment
  • Ultrasonic inspection / residual stress test

Manual data entries are now omitted and faulty processes in the production or machine failures lead to an automatic alarm logging.

MAN Truck & Bus

Evaluation of energy-, production- and process data

For the location Salzgitter of the MAN AG a software was introduced to support energy management system of the production. The Salzgitter location is the MAN Group production facility for heavy trucks and bus chassis.
The intercompany goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in 30 MAN production sites until 2020 by 25% compared to 2008.
To capture the energy consumption, analyzing it and to put the use of energy to test, the software has been integrated into the building management system.

Today, five years after its launch, the system includes more than 400 measuring points, which are distributed throughout the plant.

Among other things, the following consumption and sensor data are collected:

Among other things, the following consumption and sensor data are collected:

  • Power
  • Internal temperature of the production halls
  • Natural gas
  • District heating
  • Compressed air
  • Water
  • Outside temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation

The next implementation phase is the combined evaluation of production and process data of the plant control systems with the already existing energy data.

In that way, direct statements about machines who turned out to be energy hogs can be made or what energy consumption falls on one product.

Phoenix Contact

Configuration software for serial modules

For the Phoenix Contact Electronics AG, a leading German manufacturer in the field of industrial automation, the modular configuration and diagnostics software “PSI-CONF” was developed and tested for different serial modules from the PSI Serial Interfaces.

The software is a.NET Windows Forms application, which distinguishes itself in particular by high ease of use and intuitive operation.

Configuration interfaces for new modules can be loaded as a device library. In addition, a Windows setup was created, which enables and provides individual selection and updates of the device libraries and all needed runtime components and drivers.

Inteva Roof Systems Germany GmbH

Production data acquisition for product tracking of sunroofs

A software was introduced for the production data acquisition, system status monitoring and alarming at Inteva Roof Systems Germany GmbH at their location in Gifhorn. At the Inteva Roof Systems workshop in Gifhorn sliding and panorama sunroofs are produced, for example for Volkswagen and Porsche. Because of their nature as a security-related automotive component, a complete product racking is essential.

At Inteva Roof Systems our software is used for the following tasks:

  • BDE (production data acquisition and MDA (machine data acquisition))
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Product tracking
  • Alerting via SMS and E-Mail

Through the use of our software the maintenance of the production facilities could be optimized, downtimes were minimized, and the gapless product tracking was implemented.


Dispositionssoftware DISPOLINO

Our dispatching software DISPOLINO has been in productive use at Arcelor Mittal Transport GmbH (AMEHT) for a long time. DISPOLINO is mainly used for shunting and the handling of incoming and outgoing trains. For better processing of shunting orders, a shunting app is also in use, which was completely redeveloped in 2020 in cooperation with AMEHT. The new app serves to simplify the processing of shunting activities, as well as their feedback.

It offers the following advantages for Arcelor Mittal Transport GmbH

  • Planning of shunting activities, as well as incoming and outgoing trains with DISPOLINO
  • Use of a shunting app on MDE devices
  • Simplification of communication between shunter and dispatcher
  • Use of interfaces, among others, between DISPOLINO and TPN (to simplify train path booking),• EDIFACT (for the transmission of train announcements)