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In-plant traffic

Optimum interaction

DISPOLINO provides for seamless support for the processes of in-plant traffic. This includes the planning and management of incoming and outgoing trains, as well as of local transport services. Current track occupation is visualized by graphical track diagrams. Loading capacity and car planning are visible at a glance and dispatch decisions can be made directly on the objects.

DISPOLINO supports the ranking of waggons and waggon-unions to customer loading points. During the incoming and outgoing management of trains, a mobile data terminal can be used to detect damages.

Interfaces, especially to track scales and ERP systems such as SAP, are able to ensure that DISPOLINO is directly integrated into the rail and industrial IT infrastructure.

The solution is a perfect match for the entire management of business processes from contract to billing, both between the ROC and its service providers and between the ROC and its customers. Like in the field of line traffic the actual data of production execution is collected to form the basis for accounting modules and is provided as raw data for the billing of Services.


  • Easy to use due to the intuitive user interface
  • Customization through modular design
  • Provision of mobile data terminals
  • Investment protection by use of existing infrastructure
  • Scalable for any company size
  • Centralized data storage
  • Billing through integrated Accounting system
  • Data exchange via interfaces and dispolino.com
  • Interfaces to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Interfaces to external communications between rail traffic and rail infrastructure operators (EDIFACT, Trassenportal Netz TPN of DB AG, Xrail, prepared for TAF TSI)


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